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Test your teamwork skills with It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a game that will take you on a crazy adventure with a friend. The only way to advance in the game is by working together, so the game is a real test of your ability to co-operate with others in order to achieve a common goal. Similar games include A Way Out.

Fight against everyday objects

In It Takes Two, everyday objects such as a toolbox or a vacuum cleaner take on a life of their own, and you have to fight your way through the house to build up the abilities of your chosen character.

Strange cast of characters

The aim of the game is to get the different characters to get to know each other better and navigate both the obstacles in the game and the obstacles that real-life relationships come with. For example, the main characters have to figure out what each character's strengths and weaknesses are in order to complement each other and move forward in the game. The way that the game makes use of everyday household objects in its scenarios is unique.

Our take

It Takes Two offers a lot of fun, and as a purely co-operative game, it is a great way to spend some time with a friend. The game can be played on several platforms, and it doesn't require a gigantic amount of resources to run. The game is suited for youngsters and older players, which makes it a great source of family fun.

Should you download it?

If you have been looking for a multiplayer co-operative game that can provide hours of fun, It Takes Two is a good download. The game has a set of creative scenarios, and the excellent graphics make it a pleasure to play. The game is suited to players of all skill levels and doesn't require any special skills or equipment to play.


  • Interesting scenarios and characters to choose from.
  • Excellent graphics.
  • Great 3D effects.


  • Limited selection of characters to choose from.

It Takes Twofor Windows


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