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Dubious karaoke app for Mac

PLEASE NOTE: Although this app is still available, it is no longer supported by the developer.

You don't need SingStar to have a great time on karaoke at home. If you've got a Mac, iStar Karaoke is an easy option although you may experience rather mixed results with it.

iStar Karaoke can import almost anything including CD+G, KAR, AIFF, and MP3 files so you're not restricted to buying expensive CDs like you are with SingStar. Once you've imported your tunes, you can compile a playlist based on genre such as love, party, birthdays and whatever other occasion you may be limbering up for. Importing from a CD is easy but the problem is that you need a CD+G compatible drive of which there aren't many according to the developers website. If you do have one, simply insert a CD and click on the iStar Karaoke import icon. The problem with other formats is that sometimes it fails to import those that it's supposed to support which many users have also complained about.

There are other shortcomings too that may make you think twice before upgrading. For example, the lyrics often don't refresh in time to the tunes suggesting they are synced very badly and there's no way to switch it to full screen mode - not very good for parties where you want to connect a TV. Some users suggest that these shortcomings mean that a cheaper alternative, such as QMIDI, is a better option overall.

iStar Karaoke is a passable karaoke program for anyone that's looking for a simple solution although it's many shortcomings mean that it's got a long way to go.

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