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Indian Tractor Simulator Game - Authentic approach

Simulation games have always been popular and Indian Tractor Simulator Game is no exception. This interactive game combines technology and local flavor to simulate the experience of driving a tractor in various rural and semi-urban Indian settings. You can play it on your Android device and run your own farm!

Indian Tractor Simulator Game comes packed with features

The Indian Tractor Simulator Game from ByteRaft brings a realistic touch to gaming. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Realistic Graphics: The game boasts visually appealing graphics that provide a realistic portrayal of Indian landscapes. Players can enjoy vivid textures and dynamic lighting that enhance the authenticity of the rural setting.
  • Multiple Tractors: Offering a variety of tractors, each with different capabilities and aesthetics, the game allows players to choose their preferred machine that best fits the task at hand.
  • 3 Different Horn Sounds: To add to the realism, the game includes three distinct horn sounds, each bringing a touch of local ambiance and functionality.
  • Customization: Players can customize their tractors in numerous ways, from the engine's performance to its visual appeal, making each tractor ride unique.
  • Diverse Routes: Navigate through off-road routes and construction sites, each designed to challenge the player’s driving skills while providing a new perspective on Indian terrain.
  • Optimized Performance: The game is tailored to run smoothly on low-end devices, with adjustable settings to ensure accessibility for all players.

Various customization options

Customizing your tractor in the Indian Tractor Simulator Game is fun and detailed. Here’s what you can change:

  • Wheel Rings: Pick different styles of wheel rings to make your tractor look unique.
  • Roof with Lights: Put a roof with lights on your tractor to help you see at night and make it look cool.
  • Exhaust Pipes: Change the exhaust pipes for better performance or just to give your tractor a new style.
  • Horns: Choose different horns to use when you’re driving.
  • Bumper (Guard): Add a bumper guard to protect your tractor or to change how the front looks.
  • Indian Flags: Decorate your tractor with the Indian flag for cultural events or just because it looks nice.

The Indian Tractor Simulator Game by ByteRaft allows you to experience a part of Indian farming life in a fun and interactive way. If you are into simulation games and tractors in particular, try this one on your Android device.


  • Multiple customization options
  • Realistic graphics
  • Free to play


  • “Multiple tractor options” are still limited
  • Can get repetitive

Program available in other languages

Indian Tractor Simulator Gamefor Android


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