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Bought an item without gaining something back? You don’t have to do that again with iBotta.

Get money by spending through rebates. Some people turn to insane couponing and never learn how to rebate because it comes off as daunting. Ibotta makes cashing back on your purchases manageable.

Fuss-free saving

Turn into a smarter spender with iBotta

It's one of the most secure cash back apps out there. Ibotta protects your personal and financial information through their 256-bit encryption. And the best part is, the app welcomes you to a world of smarter consumption by giving you a bonus for signing up!

Everything you need is in this app. You can even score great deals on groceries, clothes, and alcoholic beverages. The app puts half a million retailers within your reach.

Bookmark your favorite stores. Purchasing from big stores like Walgreens and even smaller ones like HelloFresh allow you to earn while spending. It’ll be challenging to stop scoring rebates with this app. It has an impressive selection of rebate offers which restart every 24 hours which makes it endlessly exciting.

Work towards rewards

One of the main issues of grocery rebate apps is the receipt approval duration. Other apps seem to take forever. Ibotta is different. It will process your transaction in under a minute. As long as you pass a readable receipt, you’re good to go.

People who aren’t keen on keeping receipts have another option to stack up cash. Connect loyalty accounts from your selected stores for a paperless transaction.

You can also earn rebates by shopping online in a cheaper way. This method is sure to save you paper and gas. Choose over 140+ stores to shop at. Process your purchase and receive cashback without even moving up from your seat. The app won’t charge you any additional fees, too.

Put a cherry on top of your earnings by accumulating bonuses. The app puts bonuses up for grabs for users who avail offers and refer the app to people they know.

Where can you run this program?

Earn money by spending when you download this phone on any Android and iOS device. You can get this app as long you’re working with operating systems as low as Android 5 or iOS 11.0.

Is there a better alternative?

Rakuten Rewards is a good alternative to this app. This free app gives new users a $10 welcome bonus. The app also works with Lyft rides and delivery services. It was formerly called Ebates.

Our take

Ibotta is one of the leading cashback apps out there for groceries. It works with a lot of retailers which is why the average earnings of the app’s user reach up to a hundred bucks.

Should you download it?

Yes. You can save money and time thanks to this free shopping app.


  • Gives user a welcome bonus
  • Allows you too hook loyalty cards up
  • Uses 256-bit encryption for security


  • Can't save huge sums of money
  • Reported bugs with receipt reading feature
  • Balances are non-transferable

Program available in other languages

Ibottafor Android


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