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I SPY Spooky Mansion: An old-fashioned game

ISPY Spooky Mansion is a fun Windows game where you get to explore a spooky old house. It's based on the popular "I SPY" books, where you have to find hidden objects in pictures. In this game, you're trapped inside the mansion and have to solve puzzles to escape. Along the way, you'll meet Skelly, a friendly skeleton who helps you out.

I SPY Spooky Mansion gameplay

In the game, you start at the front door of the mansion and try to find your way out. Skelly tells you that to escape, you need to find puzzle pieces hidden throughout the house. You'll explore different rooms and look for objects that match the clues at the bottom of the screen. Once you find everything in a room, Skelly gives you a puzzle piece.

As you go deeper into the mansion, the puzzles get trickier. You'll decode secret messages, make special soup, and even fix a machine that makes ghosts. Finally, you'll face the "Get-Out Ghost" and make your escape through the chimney!

Key features of the gameplay include:

  • Immersive exploration of the haunted mansion
  • Engaging hidden object puzzles and riddles
  • Interactive tasks such as fixing Skelly's ghost machine
  • Dynamic storytelling with multiple escape attempts
  • Quirky characters and vibrant visuals

When was I SPY Spooky Mansion re-released?

The game has been released a few times since it first came out. A fancier version called "I SPY Spooky Mansion Deluxe" came out in 2004 with more rooms and puzzles. It was later released for the iPhone in 2009 and for the Wii in 2010, so more people could play it on different devices.

What is the difference between I Spy Spooky Mansion and Spooky Mansion Deluxe?

The Deluxe version of the game has some extra stuff compared to the original. You get two more adventures to go on, thirteen extra puzzles to solve, and some rooms in the mansion look different. It's like getting a bonus pack with more fun things to do!

I SPY Spooky Mansion is a fun game for anyone who likes solving puzzles and exploring spooky places on Windows computers. With its engaging gameplay and charming characters, it's sure to keep players entertained for hours on end.


  • Engaging gameplay
  • Easy to play


  • Too short

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I SPY Spooky Mansionfor Windows

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