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Sandbox role-playing game by Hypixel Studios

The Hytale game for Windows fluidly blends the sandbox and role-playing game genres. You embark on an adventurous and creative journey with a world of teetering towers and sprawling dungeons. The game supports block-by-block construction, scripting, and minigame creation, all delivered with powerful, easy-to-use tools.

Hytale game development

The developers of the Minecraft multiplayer server, Hypixel started production in 2015. The game was released for Microsoft Windows in 2021. Riot Games offered funding and assistance and later acquired the studio. Hytale is inspired deliberately by Minecraft. However, it’s not considered a ripoff of Minecraft because it has unique features. Hytale is similar to both Minecraft and Roblox in that the aim of the game is creativity and self-directed learning. 

Hytale consists of three main pillars; adventure mode, minigames, and creative tools. 

Hytale adventure mode

In Hytale, you’ll go on a quest to survey the landscapes and piece together the history of a procedurally-generated fantasy world. The game supports several playstyles, and there’s plenty to do as you advance through the narrative. You’ll encounter intimidating foes, master the wilderness, and discover strange worlds. The game also features the ability to work in teams with your friends.


Minigames consist of session-based trials to test your skills in PvP (player vs player) or team play. The game was built for competitive play, with an anti-cheat mechanism. The game also has smart parental controls. You can play on the game server or create your own server. Minigames exhibit thousands of cosmetics with endless possibilities for character creation.

Creative tools

Impressive creation tools let you build custom animations with cinematic tools or use model makers to collaborate in real-time. In fact, the developers provided the editing tools they used themselves. You can also write and execute in-game scripts and watch them play out in the game. 

Our take

Hytale is everything you love about sandbox games and more. This game is built for Windows PC from the ground up, with minigames at the forefront. Hytale developers ensure that community creators are at liberty to create enjoyable experiences. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re into sandbox games such as Minecraft and Roblox. This game is a new experience similar to Minecraft, but with you as the creator.


  • Expansion of creative components that are unique to Minecraft
  • Adventure mode
  • Wide range of biomes to explore and enemies to fight
  • Plenty of creative tools to ensure players make their own game


  • May not be for those who don’t like Minecraft
  • Voxel graphics are passable

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Hytalefor Windows


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