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Hotel Tycoon Empire: Idle Game - A Grand Hotel Business Empire Awaits!

Hotel Tycoon Empire is an incremental idle clicker and business simulator game that puts you in charge of running a small hotel chain and growing it into a grand empire. As the manager, your goal is to expand your motel into a five-star hotel with luxurious rooms and a range of amenities.

From running daily operations to making strategic business decisions, you must ensure customer satisfaction and keep them happy. Expand your hotel from the first floor to multiple floors, and upgrade facilities such as the gym, café, restaurant, swimming pool, and more. Hire smart employees to assist you in managing the hotel, from receptionists to gym instructors and bartenders to cleaning staff.

In Hotel Tycoon Empire, you can also organize special tours, spa sessions, and fun games for your customers. However, be cautious when making decisions as you may encounter the black market, where breaking the law can lead to penalties or even prison time. Stay on the right side of the law and focus on growing your hotel empire.

Unlock various items and customize your hotel as you progress, and when your business slows down, consider prestige to reset the game progress and unlock additional elements.

If you enjoy management simulators and idle clicker tycoon games, Hotel Tycoon Empire is a must-play. Experience the thrill of building and managing your own hotel empire!

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Hotel Tycoon Empire: Idle Gamefor iOS


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