Hello Neighbor 2for Windows



A well-made sequel

Hello Neighbor 2 is a stealth horror game that uses a self-learning AI to adapt as you play and stalk you until it captures you or you complete the game.

Beautiful scenery

Hello Neighbor 2 is an engaging horror game for you to add to your collection.

Hello Neighbor 2 is a sequel to the popular Hello Neighbor, taking place in the same universe as the first game and its many spin-offs. The new title allows you to secretly peek through keyholes by holding the E key. The neighbor's routine now includes self-care such as bathing and sleeping.

The world comprises many bright colors that contrast the gameplay and genre, masking the title's horror side until it's too late, and you already entered the enemy's territory. The world comprises a cartoonish style that adds to the odd design of the mysterious figure guarding his secrets.

The AI used for the antagonist is extremely well-designed and will begin to learn how it should counter your actions as you play. If you change any layout within the house, the neighbor will notice and act on it, unlike in the previous title.

However, the amazing art style and mechanics come at a cost. The game requires a high-end computer with at least six gigabytes of RAM and a powerful graphics card such as the GTX 770 or better. Even with a powerful computer, the game is likely to run with a few minor issues.

Where can you run this program?

Hello Neighbor 2 is available for Windows 10.

Is there a better alternative?

No. However, there are many other games in this series, including the original Hello Neighbor, that are fun for any teen and use the same mechanics.

Our take

Hello Neighbor 2 is a great follow-up to the first title, adding the twist of rescuing the previous bad guy, Mr.Peterson.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy the series, then this sequel is an ideal game for you to start playing.


  • More content than previous games
  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Well-made mechanics


  • Heavy resource usage

Hello Neighbor 2for Windows


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