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Hellish Quart is a one of a kind video game featuring 17th-century based duels magnified with intense ragdoll physics. Play as a French Musketeer, Polish Hussar, Swedish Reiter, and various other 17th century duelists. With outfits that were 3D-scanned from actual clothes of that century, it doesn’t get more realistic than this.


Adjust your gameplay to your preferred setting, be it controlled and rigid fighters to drunken-appearing ragdoll duelists. The developer took the fighting animations straight from proper fencing techniques, making it that much more realistic. Choose from warriors with sabers, broadswords, and rapiers as you battle it out with AI or other players

Hellish Quart is available for both offline play and multiplayer with friends and family. Moreover, it boasts controller support, the four gamepad buttons representing the four different attack angles. These views give it a much greater ‘real world’ feel. 

Early access

Kubold plans to release this game in January 2021 and expects it to stay in early access for one to two years. After each update, fans will get to comment on and leave suggestions in the game’s forums. Developed by the same animator and motion capture actor for the Witcher 3, we can’t wait to see how far this developer takes it. 

Upon release, the game will have just five playable characters and arenas. It’ll cycle through only three original tracks. The developer expects the full version to more than double the number of characters and arenas. They’ll also be adding several other features, including a change of clothes for your characters

System requirements

As for specifications, this game won’t run on anything less than a Windows 7 operating system version, an Intel i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, and at least a Geforce GTX 960 graphics card. You must have at least 12 GB of storage space available for the game itself and have installed at least DirectX 11 in your system.

Our take

Hellish Quart looks quite challenging from what we can gather. These intense battles will keep you on your toes as you parry, time, and swing your blade at your opponent. We can’t wait to play this with some of our more competitive friends. 

Should you download it?

Yes, by supporting this developer you’ll be helping them improve the gameplay. We look forward to seeing what they come up with.

Hellish Quartfor Windows


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