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Happy Meal App, otherwise known as McPlay, is a free app by McDonald’s that scans your happy meal toy to get prizes. The platform supports several children's games and a book selection for entertainment and learning purposes.

Does it work?

McDonald’s has come out with a kid’s game application that aims to increase their reputation. However, it may have too many problems to be a hit.

The main problem with the application is that it crashes and goes to a blackout screen regularly. This glitch extends to the scanning mechanism used. The button to access it should be on the home screen, shaped like a triangle.

When you try to open it, the scanning doesn’t work. Kids Balloon Pop has a wide selection of free games much like this app that provides everything for free.

Unlike World of Peppa Pig, the Happy Meal App has poor design elements. It is difficult to find the games or stories you want to open, including even the scan button.

Where can you run this program?

You can use it on Android 4.4 and onwards.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, there are better options like the Balloon Pop Game. It offers all of its features for free and has a fun basic premise that can challenge a child. Peppa Pig’s game requires you to pay, but the app has fun activities to do and helps educate children.

Our take

There is very little that can be said to redeem this application. Glitching within the program makes it a hassle to use. Alongside that, the inability to find the scanner is tedious. The games and stories are at least fun for children.

Should you download it?

No. Your time would be better spent on Balloon Pop Game or other kids’ apps.


  • Scan toys for rewards
  • Fun children’s games


  • Crashes often
  • Doesn’t scan properly
  • Difficult to use

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Happy Meal Appfor Android


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