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A nostalgic return with GTA: San Andreas – Definitive Edition for Android

Reliving the glory days of Grove Street is now possible on your Android device with GTA: San Andreas - Definitive Edition. Rockstar Games has returned the beloved classic with improved visuals, updated controls, and a fresh coat of paint for mobile gamers. However, does this remastered version live up to the hype? Let's explore!

Visuals and performance

Visually, GTA: San Andreas - Definitive Edition for Android is a noticeable improvement over the original. Character models, textures, and lighting have all been overhauled for a more polished and modern look. The vibrant world of San Andreas is as captivating as ever, whether you're cruising the Las Venturas strip or exploring the countryside. However, performance can be a mixed bag, depending on your device. High-end phones will run the game smoothly, while older devices may struggle with occasional frame drops and stuttering.

Gameplay and controls

The gameplay of GTA: San Andreas - Definitive Edition remains largely unchanged, which is a good thing. The open-world sandbox experience still offers countless hours of fun with its expanding story, varied side activities, and the freedom to wreak havoc or uphold the law. The updated controls are a welcome addition, offering a more intuitive and responsive experience than the original touch controls. However, some players may find the virtual buttons difficult during intense action sequences.

Sound and music

GTA: San Andreas - Definitive Edition's iconic soundtrack is as memorable as ever, with various radio stations featuring classic hip-hop, rock, and pop hits. The voice acting is fine, with each character's unique personality shining through. Sound effects are crisp and clear, immersing you in the vibrant world of San Andreas.

Our take

GTA: San Andreas - Definitive Edition for Android is a nostalgic journey for fans of the original game, offering a visually enhanced and modernized experience. The gameplay is as engaging as ever, and the updated controls make it more accessible to mobile devices. However, performance issues and occasional control glitches on older devices may detract from the overall experience.

Should you download it?

If you're a fan of the original GTA: San Andreas or if you're looking for a large open-world game on your Android device, GTA: San Andreas—Definitive Edition is worth checking out. While not without its flaws, the remastered version successfully captures the spirit of the original. It delivers a fun and engaging experience for new and returning players alike. Just be aware of potential performance issues using an older device.


  • Enhanced visuals and improved lighting
  • Updated controls for a more intuitive experience
  • Iconic soundtracks and unforgettable voice acting
  • Wide open world with various activities


  • Performance issues on older devices
  • You may experience control problems
  • Some bugs and glitches still exist

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GTA: San Andreas - Definitivefor Android


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