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Google Podcasts is Available on iOS

Google podcasts has arrived. It actually came out a few years ago but it wasn’t initially available on iOS. All that has changed now and it has had lots of updates over these years which have turned it into a formidable platform for podcasts. Google Podcasts enables you to find and hear the latest and greatest podcasts from all around the world. You can also upload your own podcasts via the Google Play Store. Google is not alone in the podcast market but it has quickly risen to the top. Some updates have been questionable but, overall, it’s staying one step ahead of the competition.

Listen to podcasts from all around the world on Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts are staying ahead of the game

The first, and always one of the most important things to say, is that Google Podcasts is free. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as not only are most Google products free but most of this industry is based on free, not premium, platforms. This doesn’t set Google Podcasts apart but it’s worth knowing so you can make your own risk-free assessment too.

Google Podcasts is an excellent way to discover the music and podcasts you love. You can subscribe to all your favorite podcasts. Some of the most popular podcasts include Hit Parade, The Dream, The Week Unwrapped, Eat Work Sleep Repeat and so many more. There’s a huge variety from journalism and history to comedy, sports and a nine-episode series of ‘Dolly Parton’s America’. You will never be short of options and every taste and interest is covered (with new podcasts being added continuously). Search for them all easily using Google Search and Google Assistant.

You can completely customize your podcast experience. Change the playback speeds or skip the segment you’re interested in. Queue different episodes and view your listening history, subscriptions and downloads (you can download podcasts to listen to offline). You can also listen on the go and through multiple devices (laptop, desktop, phone or smart speaker). You can pause an episode on your laptop and continue from exactly where you were on your phone (or any other device) which makes for a much smoother experience: a little like Netflix.

Where can you run this program?

Google Podcasts are available on Android and iOS. You can access it through a desktop, laptop, smart phone or smart speaker.

Is there a better alternative?

Some big competitors include Pocket Casts, Castbox and Podbeam. These are some excellent alternatives but, for the time being, Google Podcasts just offers more. It’s also free at the moment (long may that last).

Our take

This is a rapidly changing space though so be sure to keep an eye on its competitors, particularly Castbox. They are highly original and creative. Like Google Chrome, however, Google won’t just sit back and relax. They will keep an eye on the competition, listen to their user’s feedback, and keep improving Google Podcasts. That’s no bad thing!

Should you download it?

Google has very quickly been able to put its weight behind this project and has built its community to a point of critical mass where it is now the most appealing option for those looking to create a new podcast account (or to switch). Yes, give Google Podcasts a try. It’s free so it’s risk-free!


  • Free
  • Excellent range of podcasts
  • Lots of practical features


  • Some unpopular updates
  • New interface is less intuitive
  • Limited to Android and iOS users

Google Podcastsfor iOS


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