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Golden Soul: Dead hopes - Dark Fantasy RPG for Mobile

Golden Soul: Dead Hopes stands out thanks to its great story and engaging gameplay. It's designed for players who enjoy a rich, story-driven gaming experience. This game mixes a special kind of story with a world that players can really dive into, setting a new standard for how games can tell stories. This is the iOS version of this game.

What is Golden Soul: Dead Hopes about?

In Golden Soul: Dead Hopes, you play in an adventure-filled world where you explore a mysterious abyss. The story starts after a huge accident where you end up trapped in a place outside of time, and your soul has died after many years. This changes when you meet a magical magician who gives you a 'Golden Soul.' This new soul lets you live longer but takes away your feelings and sense of right and wrong.

Your journey in the game is about more than just staying alive. It's about finding out who you are and fixing big problems in the magical world around you. As you move through the game, you need to figure out your connection to a big magical disaster that's threatening to destroy everything.

Adventurous story and gameplay

The gameplay of "Golden Soul: Dead Hopes" is just as exciting as the story. As a player, you get to explore a beautifully crafted world where every choice you make affects what happens next. Here are some key features of the gameplay:

  • Dynamic Combat System: Fight against various magical enemies and old friends who have turned against you. Each fight makes you think carefully and act bravely.
  • Puzzle Solving: Throughout the game, you'll find puzzles that help you learn more about the backstory and your own past.
  • Spell Crafting: Discover and learn strong spells that help you in your battles and adventures.

The game blends the story and the action perfectly, making sure that everything you do helps move the story forward. This makes the game feel very personal and engaging. The world in the game is full of dangers but also full of chances to discover secrets and make brave choices.

Golden Soul: Dead Hopes also shines because of its great graphics and sound, which pull you into its magical world. The game's design focuses on making you feel like you're really part of this other world.

This game offers a new and exciting way to experience adventure games. It makes you think and feel deeply about your choices and their impacts. With each decision, you shape your own unique story, making "Golden Soul: Dead Hopes" a standout game in storytelling.


  • Great storytelling
  • Beautifully written plot
  • Unique gameplay and bosses
  • Easy controls


  • Not very long
  • Buggy

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Golden Soul: Dead hopesfor iOS


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