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A simplified development workflow

The GitHub desktop client, built on Electron, brings together all the source from the website into a streamlined UI for accessing and working on projects hosted on GitHub resource platform.

A must-have addition

GitHub for desktop is a free, open-source client that allows users to work with the code from the repositories found on the website.

Having installed the client, all the projects you're working on will be in the sidebar. To start a new project, you can create a new private repository or clone one existing at GitHub's website.

While you're in the repository view, you'll find branches in the top left corner. There, you can propose changes and review your code.

The program will show you diffs, or the versions of the program you're making. Create the finished product by selecting files, or specific lines, to make a change.

The comparison graph shows you the changes you made. Here, you can use the commits you made earlier to navigate through the history of your work.

Once your program is set, you can create a request for reviews and discussions through the app and get protips from other developers.

Where can you run this program?

You’ll need Mac OS X or Windows Vista, or later versions of the operating systems to run this program.

Is there a better alternative?

No, this client is excellent at what it does. However, there are good alternatives, such as open-source Git-Cola and GitUp, and fee-based Tower and GitKraken.

Our take

With its plentiful features, this program is an excellent, efficient way to work on code and collaborate without depending on your browser.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you often use repositories from the GitHub website. Otherwise, find a program with fewer limits on integration.


  • Streamlined GUI
  • Fantastic GitHub integration
  • Supports pull requests
  • Supports syntax highlighting


  • Limited functionality
  • No full support for non-GitHub repositories

Program available in other languages

GitHub for Macfor Mac


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