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Open source programming software

Git Bash allows you to take control of your software and developing projects. Local operations, decentralized systems, custom codes, and advanced command lines ensure a flawless workflow between you and your colleagues. 

Programming made easy

Git Bash’s seamless workflow management gives you flexibility when developing your project.

Git allows you to better manage your programming and developing software with many unique functions like context switching, and individual checksumming. Familiarize yourself with basic code lines to create simple operations for a small server. Git’s open-source system lets you learn faster from other programmers by adding and utilizing their codes.

You create any branch from the main one and experiment as a separate file. You have the option to save all the codes and functions you wrote and merge them with the original branch. You undo everything without affecting the main source.

Every branch in Git Bash operates on its own network by making a copy of the main repository. This lets developers work independently on their assigned tasks without connecting to one server. You can, however, track all changes in the code lines of each branch when they get uploaded. You can decide to integrate the codes or make corrections at the Staging Area.

Begin developing your software by creating your own repository. You can make your project public and allow other programmers to participate in the operation. Your developers can copy the repository and get right to work. You also have the option to make your project private. This does require you to have your own server.

Where can you run this program?

You can run Git Bash on Mac, Linux Debian, Linux Fedora, and Windows. 

Is there a better alternative?

No. Git has the most advanced features when it comes to programming and managing your software. You can try VCS like Beanstalk or Mercurial. These come with a simpler interface.

Our take

Git Bash has it all in terms of flexible management, and efficient coding. You can always count on Git Bash’s command-line tool to make sure your work is perfect. Definitely worth a try.

Should you download it?

Yes. With Git Bash you can develop your projects fast and easy. 


  • Distributed version control
  • Open source
  • Fast performance
  • Steady data logging
  • Command line tool


  • Requires coding knowledge
  • Some non-standard command lines
  • Faster on Linux

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Git Bashfor Mac


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