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Gacha Life is a game that anime fans are sure to love because it will let you design and create your very own anime characters. The fun does not stop there because you can also interact with them afterward! The game features lots of customization options so you can design your ideal anime character without anything to hold you back.

Creating your own anime character does not stop at getting to decide their hairstyle and color. You can change their face shape, eyes, skin color, and even their constant facial expression. Aside from that, you can give them their own attitudes by selecting the kind of energy they will transmit, which is basically their own personality. Are they always in the mood for a fight? Are they going to be bubbly? Or are they going to be sleepy all the time? It is all up to how you want your characters to be!

Once they are all done and ready, you can now play with them! Enter the Gacha Universe and start making your own private links and stories. There are also mini-games to play and enjoy in the Plus Gacha Life. As an added bonus, you can interact with other Gacha anime characters in this world. It is twice the fun!

Gacha Life is a very enjoyable game. It is a fun experience to mix and match facial features and styles. Presets are also available if you are looking for inspiration! The mini-games kind of get boring once you have tried them all, but they are still nice pastimes. Nevertheless, Gacha Life is a relaxing game to play—therapeutic even.

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