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Free musical adventure game

Friday Night Funkin’ is a music-themed game where you play as the BoyFriend trying to get the Girlfriend. While Ninjamuffin99 originally developed the game for Ludum Dare 47 on, it has since spread to other platforms. It has similar themes to Scott Pilgrim vs The World whereby you face opponents to get the girl.

What is Friday Night Funkin’?

In this action game, you’ll sing to your heart’s content as the 19-year-old character only known as Boyfriend. The primary reason to spread your vocal capacity is to impress the Dad, who isn’t fond of anyone trying to date his daughter. Of course, there will also be other enemies along the way trying to stop you from achieving your goal.

Gameplay and features

Each sing-off has notes passing over the screen. You’ll need to tap the WASD buttons in the correct order to master the sings and beat your opponents. There’s a meter to show your progress, where shifting to the left means you’re winning while the right indicates you’re losing. If your meter is higher than your enemy’s, you’ll win the round.

How do you open the Debug menu in Friday Night Funkin’?

If you want to view or configure specific game settings for your web browser, you can access the debug menu in Friday Night Funkin’. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Open Friday Night Funkin’;
  • Press “7” on your keyboard to access the debug menu;
  • Read through or change settings.

Similar games to Friday Night Funkin’

Music-themed games can be fun if done right. For instance, Just Shapes & Beats requires you to hit the appropriate buttons to stay alive while obstacles attempt to destroy you. Beat Saber takes it a step further, where you use a lightsaber to smash blocks to the sound of music.

Our take

There are plenty of games available where your quest involves getting the girl, whether you’re Super Mario saving the princess from a monster or you’re rescuing the lady from lava in Get the Girl. With Friday Night Funkin’, you can experience the hero thrill to the beat of the music to show her Dad you deserve her attention.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you're a fan of rhythm-based video games. The gameplay mechanics are simple to get into but provides a nice and fun challenge.


  • Presents easy controls for beginners
  • Fun storyline


  • Single-player only

Also available in other platforms

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Friday Night Funkin'for Mac

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