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Fire Kirin - Fishing Online

Mobile gaming just got more exciting with Fire Kirin - Fishing Online, a game that blends the fun of fishing games with the thrill of slot machine action. This game stands out by mixing different gaming styles into one engaging package. This page refers to its iOS page but you can also find this game for Android.

What does Fire Kirin - Fishing Online offer?

Fire Kirin - Fishing Online brings together several classic games that many people love. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A Variety of Games: Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing mobile fishing games for a while, Fire Kirin has something for you. With games like "Oceanking," "Buffalo Thunder," and "Kirin Fire," there’s always a new challenge waiting.
  • Slot Games Too: The excitement doesn’t stop with fishing; Fire Kirin also includes slot games like "LuckyGod" and "5Dragons." This mix keeps the game interesting and provides a nice change of pace.
  • Free to Play: Everything in Fire Kirin is free, which means you can play all you want without spending money. The items you can get in the game are just for fun and can’t be traded for anything outside the game.

Fire Kirin aims to be a little world of its own where players can enjoy both fishing and slot games, making sure there’s always something fun to do.

Can you play Fire Kirin online?

Yes, you can! Fire Kirin - Fishing Online is built for playing online, letting players from all over the world play together. Here’s what makes playing Fire Kirin online great:

  • Bright and Colorful Graphics: The game looks amazing, with vivid colors and detailed designs that make the underwater and slot themes really pop on your screen.
  • Easy to Learn: Fire Kirin is super easy to get into. The controls are straightforward, so you don’t need to be an expert to start having fun.
  • Extra Fun with Bonuses: As you play, you’ll find bonuses and multipliers that make the game even more exciting and give you the chance to win more in the game.

Fire Kirin - Fishing Online offers a unique blend of entertainment that keeps it fresh and fun. It’s designed to be a game that anyone can enjoy, filled with colorful graphics and exciting gameplay.


  • Active Facebook group for questions and support
  • Good way to pass some time
  • Easy to learn, fun to play


  • Facebook login options doesn’t always work
  • Needs a better layout

Program available in other languages

Fire kirin - fishing onlinefor iOS


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