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An endurance challenge screen touching app

Finger on the App 2 is a multiplayer game where you play with others to see how long you can keep your finger on your smartphone screen with the game app active.

What is the finger on the app challenge?

If you are living in a certain country, you put your finger on the screen and follow the highlighted areas. If you do not touch the highlighted areas, and/or if you take your finger off the screen, then you lose a life. Lose three lives in this free game, and you lose the game entirely.

How do you practice Finger on the App 2?

You have to move your finger around the app, keeping in time with the highlighted areas on your phone. Practice with trial run tests, or simply play online with other people, like you would with The Day Before but without the gaming complexity.

Is the finger on the app still going?

You can still play this app against other people in battle modes, but there is no prize money involved. You have to play 1 v 1 mini games against strangers where you may earn things like extra lives for later games.

Our take

When there was prize money on the line, and people were buying lives to compete in a game where they may win money, it all seemed a little unfair. However, as a casual gaming experience against other people, it is mildly entertaining, albeit without the sophistication of other multiplayer games like Clash of Clans.

Should you download it?

The game relies on uninterrupted service, which the multiplayer gaming app cannot guarantee, so you should only download it if you are okay with, every now and again, unfairly losing for reasons outside of your control.


  • A fairly unique premise for a multiplayer game.
  • Game adapts as you play longer.
  • Play random people online in one-to-one battles.
  • You can earn lives rather than buying them.


  • Bombs trick people by calling themselves bonuses.
  • Unreliable game servers force people to lose unfairly.
  • Paying for lives in money-winning competitions is unfair.
  • The game can be manipulated robotically to allow cheating.

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Finger On The App 2for Android


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