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More than fantasy football

ESPN Fantasy Sports is best known for its fun fantasy football content. Players can join fantasy leagues and compete against, friends, family, and other fans. The app also has options for fantasy basketball, baseball and hockey, and a prediction game.

Fine-tune your fantasy team

This app provides a fun way to create, draft, and play a range of fantasy sports.

ESPN makes the fantasy league experience enjoyable, regardless of the sport you want to play. You can even win prizes by testing out your prediction skills each day in their game Streak. There is plenty of content to help you work out how to set your roster, including projections and analysis. Players will enjoy the sports videos and news that keeps you up to date on the latest action.

Navigating the app though. isn’t an easy task. You'll find yourself scrolling through irrelevant content to access some of the key features of the app, such as league activity. It takes quite a few clicks to view the rosters of other teams in your league or make trades, which is crucial to fantasy team management.

Although there is some good content on the app, there are also distractions, particularly in the form of ads that take up the middle of the screen. The notifications center around news content that is advertisement-based rather than information related to relevant player news, scores, and injury updates.

Where can you run this program?

The app requires iOS 11.0 or above.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Try Yahoo or CBS for a more friendly interface and analysis.

Our take

ESPN Fantasy Sports offers some good options for setting up your fantasy team in the most popular sports, but it is far from the full package. The app falls short in terms of function, and you’ll end up going elsewhere for stats and roster changes.

Should you download it?

No. Unless you are tied to the platform through your league, you can manage your team more effectively from other apps.


  • Good analysis
  • Fun to use
  • Choice of sports
  • Videos and sports news


  • Frequent ads
  • Unnecessary notifications
  • Navigation clumsy

Program available in other languages

ESPN FantasySportsfor iOS


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