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Free post-apocalyptic survival game

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War is a free post-apocalyptic game like State of Survival and Last Shelter: Survival where you’ll need the best strategy to survive. There are many aspects you’ll need to combat, such as weather, starvation, dehydration, terrorists, and zombies. All the while, building shelters and crafting weapons to live another day.

You have energy levels for various elements, such as food, water, and sleep. There’s a dynamic weather and day-night cycle that you’ll need to consider, as it has an impact on your gameplay. Of course, you’ll enjoy the outstanding graphics and sound if your Android device has enough resources to support it.

Top features of Dawn of Zombies

The main aspects of Dawn of Zombies are to build, kill, collect and survive. There are over 60 weapons you can craft and upgrade, but not all of them will help you out in the wild. You can also add elemental abilities to your guns, such as making zombies burn for several seconds after impact.

Survival is key

Of course, everything in Dawn of Zombies revolves around survival. You’ll need to hunt for and gather as many supplies as possible, especially before winter arrives. The dynamic weather system has a massive impact on your gameplay, and items will be harder to find in certain situations.

Enjoy the exploration

You’ll find tons of environments to play through, such as gloomy wastelands, zombie ruins, and dark forests full of wild animals. There are also factions you can join to make your journey easier. However, some of them are set to take as many supplies from you as they can, so ensure you have top-notch security.

Our take

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War is yet another survival horror game that lets you build your shelter and head out to find resources. You’ll need the best strategies and powerful heroes if you want to advance far into the game. It’s all about the top defense and offense tactics, upgrading where you can, and killing the rest of the time.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you enjoy survival horror games where you craft buildings and weapons. It will eat a large chunk of your time, but it’s completely worth it.


  • Loads of weapons to build and upgrade
  • Contains shelters and improvements
  • Fun battle modes and intense environments
  • Dynamic weather and day-night cycle
  • Impressive graphics


  • Large system requirements to play properly

Dawn of Zombiesfor Android


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