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A Sweet Hellish Romance: Contract Demon Review

Contract Demon is a free simulation video game developed by NomnomNami. This 2D indie visual novel follows a funny love story between a happy-go-lucky angel and a flustered demon in a sweet hellish romance. While the art style is cute, it's worth noting that the story mentions some adult themes. The game offers minimal gameplay and can be completed in under half an hour. However, players who want more content can donate to the developer and receive the game's comic book.

An Angel and a Demon

The story of Contract Demon revolves around Eleni, an angel, and Kamilla, a demon. The two characters have a prior connection, which is explained in the game's 10-page colored prologue comic, "First Contract." As you progress through the game, you follow their misadventures into romance. The gameplay is minimal, with no dialogue options or alternative endings. It's a highly linear plot that can be completed quickly, making it suitable for fast readers. However, if you're interested in supporting the developer, additional content such as an art collection book and the comic can be obtained.

Only One Path to Take

Contract Demon is an interesting visual novel for fans of LGBT-centric games featuring a single couple. While the game lacks extensive gameplay and may feel too short for some players, the art and writing are enjoyable, delivering a well-rounded story. Additionally, bonus content is available for those interested in exploring more of the developer's works.

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