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Collaborative project management tool

Clubhouse is a platform designed for software development teams to help them with project management. The clutter-free interface contains a set of tools that let you plan tasks, automate workflows, visualize and manage progress, and streamline projects. The app boasts cross-platform compatibility for remote collaboration too.

A powerful tool

This solution for software engineers lets users create projects and streamline their development processes. Apart from the dedicated iOS app, you can get it on Android, Mac, and Windows devices. 

The core functionalities of Clubhouse come in the form of Projects. They’re the basic hierarchical unit that you can create, prioritize, and color-code for easier tracking. 

You also get access to Stories, representing daily tasks in three categories: features, bugs, and chores. Finally, you use Epics and Milestones to bundle these assignments into categories.

Interface & customization

Clubhouse lets you customize these categories, alter the management automation options, and integrate your project with other tools through APIs. That way, it fits various project types, and the hierarchical structure helps you view your tasks within a broader context for easy supervision. 

The user interface is crisp and clutter-free. Most of the capabilities and functions sit at the sides of the main screen. The search bar and filters are available for finding stories, projects, and epics you require at any point, too.

Free vs. paid

Clubhouse comes in three pricing plans to suit the needs of various projects and organizations. 

You can use the free version if your team consists of up to 10 people, and it brings you all the core features, like the Projects, Epics, and Stories. 

The standard plan includes an ‘observer’ function and better customer support, while the enterprise version comes with extra security tools and a dedicated manager. 

Our take

Clubhouse finds the sweet spot between the extremes of its competition. It’s not as simple as Trello, but not as cumbersome as JIRA, either. While it lacks some tools for general project management, it’s fantastic for software teams. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you run a development project, this platform is an excellent solution for its management, and the mobile app is perfect for devs on the go.


  • Software team-specific tools
  • Clutter-free interface
  • Comprehensive integration options


  • Lacks time-tracking capabilities
  • Limited mobile features

Clubhousefor iOS


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