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A free video downloader and video converter

ClipGrab is a piece of software that allows you to add URLs from websites like YouTube and then download the videos they host. You may also convert videos to other file types.

Is ClipGrab a virus?

ClipGrab is often viewed as a security risk because it is not difficult to hack. However, somebody would have had to already get past your firewall and anti-virus software in order to even reach it. ClipGrab is, therefore, safe to use if you have a firewall and antivirus software on your computer.

Is ClipGrab a free YouTube downloader?

Yes, this program does download videos for free from YouTube and also downloads from several other sites, including adult sites and competing video sites. This program is similar to Video DownloadHelper, except that ClipGrab works on far more video websites.

Why doesn’t download videos?

When you paste in your first link, it will prompt you to download and install a library file. This updates the software to help it get around YouTube’s anti-download facilities. Like the program Movie Maker Free Video Editor that converts videos, ClipGrab converts videos, but ClipGrab goes as quickly as your CPU allows.

Our take

ClipGrab is a video downloader and video converter that works for free. It gives away free what other YouTube downloaders charge a lot of money for. It is not a convenient tool, or quick, but it certainly does its job very well.

Should you download it?

This program is not a security risk, but it is easily hackable, so perhaps install it on your second computer and not the one you do your online banking on. Otherwise, this is no less safe than the many video downloaders and video converters.


  • Downloads videos from more than just YouTube.
  • Converts files and can download audio only.
  • Try it for free before deciding if you want to support it.
  • Downloads age-restricted videos.


  • Takes way too long to install.
  • Paid downloaders are faster.
  • Cannot paste lists of links into the tool.
  • A mild security risk if you don't have antiviral software installed.

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