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Charger Drift Car Simulator: Take your Dodge out for a ride

Charger Drift Car Simulator is an Android game that mixes fast-paced racing with adventurous off-roading. It's perfect for anyone who loves to race and wants to try out different tracks and cars. This game lets you drive in the mountains and cities, making every race an adventure. You can enjoy this game on your Android device, phone or tablet doesn’t matter.

Best features of this game

Charger Drift Car Simulator is packed with fun stuff that makes it more than just your average racing game.

  • Great Adventures: You get to drive all kinds of 4x4 vehicles like trucks and SUVs, including the Wrangler, Tundra, and Prado. Each one feels different to drive, which keeps the game exciting.
  • Realistic Driving Feel: The game really makes you feel like you're driving for real. You can pick from lots of different cars, and you can even change their colors and wheels to make them look cool.
  • Awesome Drifting: Drifting is a big part of the game, with lots of different cars and trucks to drift in. Whether you're on a mountain road or in the city, it feels great to pull off a perfect drift.
  • Free to Explore: There's a mode where you can just explore the game's world. You can pick any car you like and drive anywhere, which is really fun.
  • Tough Levels: The game keeps getting harder, but that's part of the fun. Each level challenges you to get better at driving and drifting.

How to play Charger Drift Car Simulator

Playing Charger Drift Car Simulator is easy and fun, no matter how much you've played racing games before.

  • Real Driving: The game makes you feel like you're really driving in the city or off-road, where you need to be careful and skillful.
  • Easy Controls: You can tilt your screen to steer, use a steering wheel on the screen, or just tap buttons to move left and right. It's simple to find a way to control your car that feels good for you.
  • Facing Challenges: Every level has new challenges, from tricky tracks to racing against time. Winning these challenges feels great and gives you coins to make your car even better.

Charger Drift Car Simulator is a fun game where you can race and drift in lots of different cars. It's easy to play but keeps getting more challenging, which makes it hard to stop playing. 


  • Different features and options
  • Great Dodge Charger experience


  • Needs more updates to fix bugs

Program available in other languages

Charger Drift Car Simulatorfor Android


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