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Breaking Bad Criminal Elements: Build your own empire

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is a game that lets players step into the world of the famous TV show "Breaking Bad." It was designed for fans to experience the life of creating and selling drugs, but in a game setting, with the show's well-known characters like Walt, Jesse, Saul, Gus, and Mike guiding them on their iOS devices.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements gameplay

In the game, players started by teaming up with Walt and Jesse. The main goal is to climb up in the criminal world and become the boss of their own drug empire. The game is set up in three main areas:

  • Lab: This is where players made meth to sell for money. They needed to gather resources to cook meth and could upgrade their lab and other buildings as they got more successful.
  • Compound: Here, players built and improved their base with different buildings to make more resources and protect themselves from other players.
  • Map: Players planned and carried out raids on other gangs to steal supplies and grow their territory.

Making money and gathering resources like bricks, cash, and gold is key to growing the empire. Gold is special because it let players do things faster in the game, like building or cooking meth quicker. The game required a lot of time to progress, but players could also pay real money to move faster, although it is not necessary to enjoy the game.

What characters are in Breaking Bad Criminal Elements?

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements features many characters from the TV show. Main characters included:

  • Walter White: Gives players missions to complete.
  • Jesse Pinkman: Helps players learn how to play the game.
  • Saul Goodman: Helps get new team members.
  • Mike Ehrmantraut: Gives players missions.

Players could unlock more characters by using SIM cards, a special game currency, with different phones and SIMs bringing in various characters with unique abilities. This made the game more interesting by letting players build a diverse team.

Why did Breaking Bad Criminal Elements close?

Even though the game was exciting for fans of "Breaking Bad," it didn't last long. It came out in June 2019 and closed down in September 2020. This was partly because it didn't get enough good reviews and couldn't keep players interested for a long time. It was a follow-up to an earlier game that also didn't do very well.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is an interesting mix of the TV show's story and mobile gaming. It let players feel like they were part of the "Breaking Bad" world, making strategic decisions and growing a criminal empire. 


  • Official series characters
  • You get to work with Walt and Jesse


  • Discontinued

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Breaking Bad Criminal Elementsfor iOS


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