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If you’ve ever wondered what RE would look like in a 16-bit style, this game has the answer. Capturing the essence of the story and gameplay that inspired it, Bio Evil is an exciting new indie project by developer PSCD, and it shows a lot of promise.

Relive evil in retro style

A fan-made game, Bio Evil combines the horror of Resident Evil with the classic gameplay and design of SEGA Genesis.

It’s not entirely clear if you’ll get to play with more than one avatar in Bio Evil, but current gameplay features a sprite that resembles Jill Valentine very closely. You start in the familiar mansion, and you can count on encountering similar enemies, events, and mechanics while playing.

One surprising thing about this game is the number of animation effects that were included in it, considering that it was all done in 16-bit styling. Sprites have been really well utilized in this game to deliver some delightful visuals.

The game has many recognizable rooms, enemies, and story elements; if you’re a fan, you’ll likely find it both exciting and overwhelmingly nostalgic. You might even encounter a few surprises and shocks as you explore this monster-filled world.

The biggest downside is that the game is still a work in progress. What's more, the game has been this way since 2017. The good news is that PSCD consistently posts design and gameplay updates on social media, giving clear insight into the game’s development progress. It may be taking some time but at least, it's moving along.

Where can you run this program?

Although PSCD occasionally releases some games as cartridges, BE isn’t at that stage yet. Instead, you can run the game on a Windows PC by using any SEGA emulator.

Is there a better alternative?

No. You could try Bio Evil 4, an NES-style demake, but it’s more of a 2D-shooter. Bio Evil stays true to the story that made Resident Evil great, adding only exciting old-school graphics and a few surprises.

Our take

BE stays just unique enough not to be a carbon retro-copy of Resident Evil. It isn’t easy to judge the story yet since it’s still only a demo. However, PSCD is known for delivering high-quality demakes, and judging by the frequent social updates, this one might be another one of their hits.

Should you download it?

Yes. You can wait for the full game, but downloading Bio Evil now means you get to experience every exciting update as they become available.

Bio Evilfor Windows


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