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Basketball Superstar 2: Become a legend

Basketball Superstar 2 will help you decide a teen’s journey to becoming the best in the world. This game isn't just about quick moves and scoring points. It starts you off as a promising 17-year-old rookie with dreams of becoming a basketball legend. From there, your journey to greatness is in your hands on your iOS device.

Basketball Superstar 2 gameplay and features

Basketball Superstar 2 is all about the journey of a basketball player, crafted with care to ensure players experience the thrill of building a career from a young rookie to a celebrated legend. Here's what sets this game apart:

  • Develop Your Skills: As you play, you'll earn experience points. You can use these to improve your player's skills in a way that matches how you like to play. Whether you want to be the top scorer with unmatched offensive skills or a defensive giant, it's all up to you.
  • Rise to the Top: Your path will take you from playing college basketball to aiming for the professional leagues. Can you make it big and become an All-Star MVP? It's all possible in this immersive world.
  • Build Relationships: A big part of the game is about the connections you make. You'll interact with teammates, fans, coaches, and even your family. These relationships will impact your career in various ways, so manage them wisely.
  • Make Choices: Your career is shaped by the decisions you make and the events you encounter. Will you chase fame and fortune or focus on honing your skills? How you deal with the spotlight will define your legacy.
  • Grow Your Wealth: What to do with all the money you earn? Invest it! Buy a gym, a restaurant, or even a basketball team to increase your wealth and make it work for you.
  • Live the Dream: Success in the game means money and fame. How about splurging on a supercar or a yacht? These aren't just for show; they also attract lucrative endorsement deals.

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Basketball Superstar 2 is an engaging game. It is a journey that lets you live out the life of a professional basketball player, making strategic decisions that affect your career on and off the court. Whether deciding on your play style, managing relationships, or figuring out the best way to invest your earnings, this game offers a comprehensive and engaging experience that basketball fans will love.


  • Engaging story
  • Great gameplay


  • Repetitive

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Basketball Superstar 2for iOS


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