AUGUST NIGHT: A Creepy and Well-Defined Indie Horror Game

August Night is a first-person horror game set in a three-dimensional recreation of a small apartment building. It is a free donation-based jump scare game with creepy aesthetics and a sinister overtone. It is more of a horror experience than a fully realized game. This game has the claustrophobic tension of Five Nights At Freddy’s with gameplay reminiscent of Amnesia. Its original inspiration was probably the canceled Silent Hill game “P.T.” given that you are also walking around a creepy apartment in which resides some unknowable and other-worldly creature.

Does August Night run at 60 FPS?

Yes, the game supports a 60 FPS frame rate and can utilize more than one CPU core. It can also be used with a 4K monitor. You do not need HDR to fully enjoy the quality of this game.

Does this game have controller support?

You can map this game’s controls to a controller. This is something you can do outside of the game so that your keyboard and your controller can give the same commands. The gameplay is heavily scripted, so precise controls are not needed, especially as there are no weapons or fight mechanics.

A brilliant example of expert lighting

This scary game has excellent graphics, and that is due to the amazing way the game is lit. Elements and features look photorealistic, and the end sequence uses next-level lighting to create its visual effects.

A woefully short game

Perhaps the biggest flaw of this indie horror game is the fact it is so short. It does such a good job of building tension but said tension is quickly spent and discarded as the game ends. This game was severely limited by its low budget when it comes to game length, as most people will complete it within around six minutes.



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