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American Truck Simulator - Nebraska: A new DLC

American Truck Simulator continues its journey across the United States with the release of Nebraska. This DLC (downloadable content) expands the virtual world of truckers by offering a taste of the Great Plains. But is hauling freight across America's heartland worth the price of admission? Let's grab the keys and find out.

Large landscapes

Nebraska offers players expansive farmland and sprawling landscapes punctuated by charming small towns. SCS Software, the developer behind American Truck Simulator, has meticulously recreated iconic landmarks such as the Lincoln State Capitol and the strategic grain elevators that dot the countryside. Driving these scenic routes is a peaceful experience, especially with a powerful graphics card. Golden sunsets over wheat fields and clear star-filled night skies provide a peaceful sense of immersion that is hard to find in many games.

But Nebraska is not all sunshine and open roads. The main gameplay loop in American Truck Simulator - Nebraska remains unchanged. Players take on contracts, navigate winding highways and deliver cargo to various destinations. While the new environments are visually stunning, the core activities lack the variety that some might crave.

Our take

American Truck Simulator - Nebraska is a beautiful expansion pack that captures the essence of Great Plains. However, it's important to understand what you're getting. If you're an experienced trucker who already enjoys the base game, Nebraska offers a scenic detour with stunning landscapes and the chance to explore a new region of the US. But if you're looking for a dramatic overhaul of the core gameplay, Nebraska may leave you wanting more. The best one for me is Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Should you download it?

Definitely if you're a fan of American Truck Simulator and want to expand your virtual trucking empire. The meticulously crafted environments and relaxing atmosphere make Nebraska a worthwhile addition. However, if you're new to the series or find the main gameplay repetitive, Nebraska might not be the most appealing place to start your trucking adventures.


  • Stunning visuals
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Familiar gameplay


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Limited content

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American Truck Simulator - Nebraskafor Mac


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