A Tiny Sticker Talefor Android



An enchanting sticker puzzle adventure

Embark on a whimsical journey with "A Tiny Sticker Tale," a premium casual puzzle game developed by Ogre Pixel. Play as Flynn the donkey exploring the magical Figori Island through a captivating sticker book experience. Despite its brevity, this game offers a charming narrative and rich gameplay depth.

Decorate Figori Island with stickers

Each scene in "A Tiny Sticker Tale" presents puzzles to solve by creatively placing stickers. Witness diverse story outcomes based on your sticker placements, collecting and utilizing stickers to aid characters in resolving their dilemmas. While the main storyline is brief, the game compensates with multiple endings and high replay value. The beautifully hand-drawn art enhances the gameplay, ensuring a visually delightful experience.

Fun and replayable

"A Tiny Sticker Tale" stands out as an adorable game featuring lovable characters in a captivating world. Engage in collecting imaginative stickers to adorn puzzle pages, assisting characters in overcoming challenges while enjoying the option to replay the adventure repeatedly.

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A Tiny Sticker Talefor Android


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