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WinRAR for Mac: A classic tool for your files

Remember WinRAR? That file compression tool your friends used back in the Windows XP days? Well, it exists for Macs too, and it still aims to make dealing with those pesky compressed files a little easier. But with modern alternatives popping up, does WinRAR for Mac still hold its own?

What WinRAR for Mac does well

Let's be clear: WinRAR for Mac is all about the basics. It handles the super-common stuff – think ZIP, RAR, 7Z – and lets you both create and open those archives. Need to shrink a bunch of photos to email them? Want to unpack that downloaded file? WinRAR has your back.

It's also got some handy bonus features like password protection (for when those files are a little sensitive) and the ability to split up giant archives.

Where WinRAR for Mac really excels is its simplicity. It's a drag-and-drop affair, and it even plays nicely with your Mac's right-click menu. If you're the kind of person who gets a headache looking at complicated software, this is a blessing.

Best alternatives to Winrar for Mac

Luckily, Mac users aren't short on excellent alternatives:

  • The Unarchiver: This free tool is a beast, handling a ton of formats and offering a similar no-nonsense approach.
  • Keka: Another freebie that's both easy to use and supports a decent range of file types.
  • BetterZip: This one will cost you, but if you're an archive power-user, its ability to edit archives directly and its wider range of features might be worth the price.

Our take

WinRAR for Mac isn't going to win awards for innovation. It feels like the kind of tool that would have been amazing a decade ago. Advanced stuff like fixing broken archives, fancy encryption options, or handling super weird file formats? Not its strong suit.

So, should you download it?

Honestly, that depends. If your life revolves around ZIP and RAR files and you tremble at the thought of complex interfaces, WinRAR for Mac is a perfectly fine choice. It does the job without a fuss.

But, if you're constantly dealing with a wild mix of archive types, or if you need power-user tools, it's time to look elsewhere.


  • Simple and intuitive
  • Handles common formats
  • Password protection
  • Splitting archives


  • Limited features
  • Dated interface
  • Not entirely free
  • RAR-centric

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