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Very Little Nightmares is a purchasable mobile game set in the LN universe already established by Bandai Namco. The title follows the main character, Six, from the first game in the prequel to Little Nightmares. The game plays well, offering a variety of puzzles and plenty of new features to try out along your journey.

Fun gameplay

The gameplay in Very Little Nightmares revolves around escaping a maze-like mansion by solving puzzles and exploring new areas. However, there are many deadly traps spread throughout the rooms that can reset your short-term progress. 

Every room is a level on its own, where you can tap to move to an area. Additionally, you can make your character run or interact with objects through tapping. Every item you encounter could harm or help you. This need to continually watch your surroundings for falling objects or useful tools intensifies the gameplay.


The graphics for Very Little Nightmares resemble that of its previous titles. This design makes characters creepy and garish, frightening players without resorting to jumpscares. These graphics are simple enough that the download for the Very Little Nightmares APK is small.

Adds to an established universe

The Very Little Nightmares story takes place before the first game, following the same protagonist, Six. However, in this title, Six's name hasn't been revealed yet, and the main character is known only as "The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat." You will follow her as she escapes from the maze-like mansion known as ‘The Nest.’

Discover secrets

As you play through the Very Little Nightmares game, you'll discover a variety of easter eggs and other hidden secrets. Some of these items are challenging to locate but are a worthwhile find for experienced players.

Our take

Overall, Very Little Nightmares is an excellent addition to the LN series of titles that gives insight into Six's backstory. Similar titles available for mobile with a slightly thriller aesthetic are Boris and the Dark Survival and Toby: The Secret Mine. The gameplay is fun and non-challenging, making it easy to enjoy the story and the many puzzles you'll face. You can also try Slender: The Eight Pages on Windows.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you've played the Little Nightmares series or want a good point of introduction, this is a great game to start playing

Very Little Nightmaresfor Android


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