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UTC Global Clock: Comprehensive world clock application

There's clocks and there's clocks and then there's UTC Global Clock. UTC Global Clock is quite possibly the most complicated and detailed clock for Mac I've ever used and this presents both good and bad things.

On the plus side, you can do a whole host of organizational tasks through UTC Global Clock. On the negative side, it's ridiculously complex and detailed and takes ages to understand all of its functions. UTC Global Clock features a whole host of time-related functions, including time displays, hourly chimes, timers, stopwatches, calendars, and much more.

At its most basic, UTC Global Clock will display any world time zone in a corner of your screen. At its most advanced, it can do everything from reminding you to walk the dog to setting a stopwatch to record how much time you are working on a project. On a functional level though, it can be rather annoying. For example, as you go to wave your mouse over the time on the corner of your screen, it simply disappears for some strange reason. To access all of its functions, you must go to your top menu bar where clicking on the time will reveal a drop-down menu with a host of options from adding calendar reminders to configuring keyboard shortcuts.

Overall, I wasn't really blown away by UTC Global Clock despite its obvious depth. There are plenty more elegant world time clocks for Mac, and anything that requires a calendar, I'd use iCal or Google Calendar for anyway, although if you don't use any kind of organizer, you may find the extra functions useful.

UTC Global Clock wins full marks for depth and features, although its presentation and functionality let it down.

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