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Toy Rider: A Fun Racing Game with Wacky Power-Ups

Toy Rider, developed by Omnaya Studios, is a premium level-based racing game that combines speed, fun, and strategic power-up usage to outsmart AI-controlled racers. With unique power-ups like "Call JohnWick" and a variety of vehicles ranging from supercars to aircraft, Toy Rider offers an exciting racing experience for Mac users.

Race on Unique Levels

In Toy Rider, players embark on races set in unconventional locations like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, adding a whimsical touch to the gameplay. As you progress, beach-inspired levels introduce new challenges and keep the races visually engaging. Despite having only four race course themes, each level features a distinct track design to maintain gameplay diversity. Additionally, the game offers a range of vehicles with unique stats, allowing players to choose based on their preferred performance attributes.

No Multiplayer Mode

While Toy Rider excels in providing diverse vehicle types, wacky power-ups, and unique track layouts, it lacks a multiplayer mode. Players seeking a competitive online experience may find this absence disappointing. Moreover, some users have reported clunky controls, impacting the overall gameplay experience.


  • Different vehicle types
  • Wacky power-ups
  • Unique track layout for each level


  • Clunky controls
  • Lack of multiplayer mode

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Toy Riderfor Mac


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