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Torchlight: Infinite - Action role-playing game

Torchlight: Infinite is an action role-playing game that brings players into a world of endless customization and continuous excitement. This version builds on its predecessors by introducing better features that focus on creating your own hero and engaging in fast-paced battles. Players will find themselves exploring deep dungeons and fighting intense battles, pushing the series to new heights. You can get it on different platforms but this page refers to the iOS version.

Is Torchlight an infinite open world?

Torchlight: Infinite doesn't offer a traditional open world like some RPGs where you can roam vast landscapes freely. Instead, it provides a central hub that leads to a variety of dungeons. These dungeons can be entered again and again, especially with scrolls that open new portals to more complex areas. This setup offers:

  • New adventures each time you explore.
  • Freedom to choose where and how to play.
  • Endless excitement with different environments inside the dungeons.

So, while it’s not open world in the usual sense, Torchlight: Infinite offers a unique version of a large, explorable space through its focus on dungeons.

Is Torchlight: Infinite F2P friendly?

Torchlight: Infinite tries to be accessible to everyone, including those who prefer to play for free. The game allows players to enjoy most of its features without paying. However, there's some debate among players about the game's approach to in-game purchases:

  • Some players feel that those who pay can have an unfair advantage.
  • Discussions often focus on how the game balances free and paid features.
  • Despite these concerns, the game still offers a lot of content and fun without needing to spend money.

Game features

Torchlight: Infinite is packed with exciting features that make the game engaging and customizable. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Fast & Thrilling Battles: Dive into battle without waiting for stamina or cooldowns.
  • Collect Endless Loot: Find tons of items to upgrade your characters.
  • Build Unlimited Playstyles: Create unique heroes with various gear and skills.
  • Trade At Will: Get involved in the game's economy with its deep trading system.
  • New Seasons: The game keeps getting updates, adding new content to keep things interesting.

Torchlight: Infinite is not just a continuation of its series but a significant enhancement in the world of action RPGs. It invites both longtime fans and new players to explore its rich and dynamic world.


  • Upgrading your heroes adds depth
  • The game constantly gets new updates and features
  • Various gear and skill options
  • Endless loot to collect


  • Pay-to-win nature
  • Clunky menus

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