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A free app for turning portrait images into moving videos

TokkingHeads Portrait Video uses photoshop AI to add fractions of new dimensions to a portrait image. The image is then animated to appear as if it is moving and talking. It is very similar to the app Avatarify.

Is TokkingHeads a talking heads deep fake app?

This app is not sophisticated enough to pass for a deep fake app. Even if you pay for the high-res package, the movie scenes are very obviously fake. You would need a professional photoshop program like Adobe Photoshop Express in order to create more realistic portraits (moving or otherwise).

A nice concept with shaky execution

TokkingHeads is a classic example of an AI powered app that is hampered by its own lack of programming sophistication. As a result, even the most symmetrically-faced person looks a little warped after their photos are put through this app.

The heads look cartoonish

As implied above, the developer’s ambition clearly outweighed their programming skill. As a result, the moving portraits look more like cartoons as opposed to photo-realistic movie scenes.

Our take on the TokkingHeads Portrait Video app

This is considered a pranking app in that it is used to fool friends and family. It turns static images into animated ones. You may then add a voiceover to create the illusion of a talking head.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should download it, try it with your own photos, and even post the talking head animations on social media. If the original image is copyright free, or if its license allows for alteration, then you may post your video on YouTube. Just remember to obey all slander, defamation and libel laws.


  • Symmetrical faces with minimal movement can look good with this app.
  • Better portrait photos make for better animations.
  • Experiment with pets for some freaky unintentional fun.
  • Can be used to create animated avatars.


  • The high-res in-app purchase adds very little in terms of image quality.
  • Blur shading techniques are very obvious on portraits with facial hair.
  • Will not allow you to permanently delete your videos.
  • The direct sharing function on the app is permanently disabled.

TokkingHeadsfor iOS


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