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Intelligent dating at your fingertips

The League is one of many romance sites available in an oversaturated market. This leaves subpar apps like this one with few users, so there’s almost no reason to use it.

Inflate your ego

The League lets you find a significant other that shares your drive and other vetted attributes of the small community using it.

The entire concept behind The League is to restrict matches until you only have possible partners that fit your every specification. In doing this, the app causes you to skip many potential matches that may have included the right date for you, all due to your own misconception of what’s ideal.

The League uses your preferences to vet partners you may like and ignores all the others. For many, this is a dream come true. You can filter out matches based on physical or personality traits you want to avoid.

The application also has a subscription service featuring extra benefits. These benefits include more perks, customization, extra invites, and more dating prospects. The available plans range from 1 week all the way to an annual subscription. The cost for the application isn’t justified, as popularity is still growing.

There is a small saving grace to this application, which is its user interface. The UI is clean and simple, not bombarded with colors as many similar applications are.

Where can you run this program?

The League is available for IOS 9.0 or later and Android 4.4 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. There are many better alternatives to this application. Tinder is far more popular and has more people for you to possibly match with. Coffee Meets Bagel also has a superior matching and suggestion system.

Our take

The League is a program made in poor taste and is of poor quality. Many dating applications surpass it with flying colors.

Should you download it?

No. This app isn’t worth your time, even if you’re looking for a new dating platform to explore.


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  • Has a subscription service
  • Few users

The League: Intelligent Datingfor iOS


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