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SyncBack: Backup and Sync Your Files with Ease

SyncBack is a free, easy-to-use file syncing tool that allows you to create backup copies of your important documents and keep information updated on multiple locations. With SyncBack, you can easily configure three types of profiles: backup, synchronization, and group. The program offers a user-friendly configuration wizard that guides you through the setup process.

The free version of SyncBack may not have advanced functionality like its SE counterpart, but it is perfect for simple syncing tasks between desktop and laptop computers or creating backup copies of documents on a networked drive. Additionally, SyncBack allows you to handle content between source and destination folders in various ways and enables you to create filter lists to exclude certain file types from syncing and backup tasks.

Overall, SyncBack is a straightforward tool that effectively creates backup copies of your files and syncs data across folders and drives. If you're looking for more free alternatives, consider downloading PureSync and Cobian Backup. Unfortunately, SyncBack is not available for Mac users. For Mac users, we recommend SuperDuper! as an alternative.

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SyncBackfor Windows

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