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Symantec VIP is a handy tool for your computer that helps prevent anyone from stealing your accounts. The application provides two-factor authentication to almost any website, creating a strong layer of security. The app does prevent the need for any extra security such as strong passwords. The app is available as a free download.

Symantec VIP Access functions like many two-factor apps including Google Authenticator, KeyPass, and Duo Security. These applications have their own credentials and methods of providing the authentication service. However, Symantec VIP keeps it all in one place and can function with a registered fingerprint or passcode lock.


Symantec VIP works with numerous websites to allow it to function as a universal app. By keeping all your authentication needs in one download, it frees up processes on your computer and any mobile device you use with Symantec VIP as well. 

Available on multiple devices 

Symantec VIP Access is available for your mobile devices as well as personal computers. This versatility allows you to keep your essential verification tools on hand at all times. 

Additionally, as the mobile app doesn’t require an internet connection, you’ll almost never get locked out of your accounts while using Symantec VIP.


The Symantec VIP is entirely safe to use and won’t steal your private information. As mentioned before, the app functions with many websites. By keeping all your information in one place, the app lessens the chance of anyone hacking an account unnoticed. The application takes extra measures to ensure that your information is unclonable and tamper-resistant. 

Ensuring no one takes control over your phone and accesses your account, Symantec VIP requires a password or fingerprint ID to authenticate a login. The credentials used to access Symantec VIP should be secure and varied from any other account. If anyone accesses your account and successfully completes the two-factor authentication, you’ll also receive an email that will notify you of this activity.

Our take

Symantec VIP is a handy tool to have if you're concerned about anyone accessing your online credentials. The software acts as a universal two-factor authenticator that keeps your accounts secure. Additionally, to ensure no one accesses your accounts without you knowing, the app sends an email after every use.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to improve your account’s security and want to manage it all with one app, this software is a great choice. 


  • Available across platforms
  • Safe to use
  • Allows for safer two-factor authentication
  • Works with many websites


  • Constant emails when logging in

Program available in other languages

Symantec VIPfor Windows


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