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A small step for gamers

Stadia is a game streaming service that offers a no-download playstyle. Using a controller and Chromecast, you can play on your television or your phone and tablet.

Heavy requirements and data usage

Google Stadia is a game streaming service that’s revolutionizing the gaming world while reaching your internet cap in the process.

Google’s Stadia is a streaming service that lets you play games without the need for a console or desktop computer. All you need is a controller and Chromecast device if you’re playing on your television.

The entire idea is to allow you to use Google Stadia on your mobile device. You can play games on your phone or tablet while using a controller to move without limitations you’d normally run into on the phone.

One of this service’s most redeeming features is that you’ll never need to wait for anything to download or update before enjoying the app. Everything is kept up to date online and streamed directly to you.

However, it is this streaming that will use up a large portion of your mobile or WIFI data cap. While you’ll never download a game, the video quality you’ll play on will often have a high consumption rate. Stadia can use up to 20GB per hour of use.

Even though the data consumption rate may be high, the service is still going to lag while you play. Sadly this lag won’t be something you can get used to as it often changes.

If you’re going to use Google Stadia on your mobile device, ensure that it’s one of the newer, more powerful models. The app uses a lot of your system resources to display high-quality video.

Where can you run this program?

Google Stadia is available for Android 6.0 or newer as well as iOS 11.0 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

No. There is no other service available that offers no download gameplay on almost any screen. However, NVIDIA Now is a similar platform for streaming games on your computer.

Our take

Stadia is a great idea, yet poorly executed as a majority of those using the service will first need a more powerful mobile device.

Should you download it?

Yes. You should download this application if you want to play console-level games with only a controller and a large data limit.


  • Play games on any screen
  • No need to download games


  • Inconsistent lag
  • Limited by data cap
  • Heavy mobile requirements

Stadiafor Android


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