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Free-service internet television

You can change any screen into a TV with Spectrum TV. This app is downloadable for free and lets you stream live TV anywhere with an internet connection. It has iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV support for streaming on demand.

What is Spectrum TV?

The Spectrum TV app is an application that lets you view live TV or on-demand movies and shows with no added costs. The browser allows you to go through the channel guide, explore the content, and watch your favorite TV shows.

The programs available will depend on the Spectrum TV package you have. You’re required to purchase a Spectrum TV subscription and create a username and password to gain access. 

You can set your favorite channels by creating your individualized Spectrum guide. You can search by network, title, sports team, or actor from any location within the app. There’s a watchlist option to add new Spectrum Originals and you can also apply parental controls across all linked devices. Also, there are optional DVR services that allow you to record your favorite TV series, movies, and other programs. 


You’re able to watch Spectrum TV from your phone, as well as use the app with Google Chromecast, Samsung smart TVs, Roku, and more. All Apple devices, including the Macs with the operating system of OSX 8.0 or higher, are compatible with the app. Spectrum TV does seem to have better picture quality than regular cable TV and can work as a fantastic alternative. However, at times, the app doesn’t work well and freezes, or is glitchy. You may need to update the app or restart your device to fix the issue.


Our take

Spectrum TV is an excellent app to access your favorite live TV or on-demand shows and movies from anywhere. The DVR and parental controls are extra features that add value to the already-impressive app. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you don’t want to miss out on TV shows and are a frequent traveler, this may suit your needs.


  • The app is free for Spectrum subscribers
  • Easy to navigate
  • Works great on Apple devices


  • Network performance is limited
  • Not compatible with Amazon Fire TVs
  • Costs can be high

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Spectrum TVfor iOS


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