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A haven for rising stars, new sounds

SoundCloud became a platform for independent artists; now it’s exploded into a music-based social media hub.

Explore new tunes

SoundCloud opens the door to discovering new music. Open your mind to new, exciting, and sometimes alarming sounds and jump into the world of indie artists.

SoundCloud is a music streaming service, but not in the same way as Spotify or Apple Music. With either of those, you’re either listening to more prominent artists or you’re figuring out who you need to kill to get your music on their program. SoundCloud, however, is typically for independent artists, and anyone can upload their music at any time. Create an account now and dive into the vast unknown songs the world has to offer.

If you are a musician attempting to leave your mark, this is a must-have.You’ll get connected with a fan base and other artists that share your tastes. People like Post Malone and Don Monique started their journey on SoundCloud. This app makes it easy for indie artists to propel their voice through the Internet and around the world. But if you're a listener and you’re not in the mood for unknown acts, then this isn’t the app for you.

SoundCloud is more than just a streaming site; it’s more like social media for audiophiles. Musicians from every genre are on SoundCloud, including hip-hop, electronic, rock, pop, and reggae.

The average person would find SoundCloud to be a disappointment. It’s a music streaming service that’s focused on new sounds; mainstream and established artists don’t publish here. The search algorithm isn’t perfect, either. It is hard to look for music outside of your favorite genres.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this program on Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS X.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Spotify and Deezer offer you a variety of well-established musicians from all genres. Bandcamp is another indie hub, but isn’t as well laid-out as SoundCloud is.

Our take

SoundCloud allows new artists to reach the public. But their services are not for artists only. Audiophiles love the explore new sounds, and this program is making just that possible.

Should you download it?

If you’re looking for new music from hidden gems, grab the SoundCloud app. If you want to listen to music from the more mainstream artists, then it isn’t for you.


  • Connects similar tastes
  • Excellent for rising artists
  • Connects different genres


  • No popular songs
  • Dependent on Internet connection
  • Hard to maneuver between genres

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SoundCloudfor Mac


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