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SmartNews is a free breaking news aggregator that uses your preferences and location to bring the most relevant news stories to you. SmartNews Inc.’s robust algorithm generates your feed according to the sources you’ve chosen, delivering the latest quality articles from your area.

Various sources and topics

SmartNews has access to more than 300 trusted publications. Plus, the app gets regular updates several times a month, adding new ones every time. In 'Smart' mode, you can read the article offline. The application also shows weather reports and possible rain forecasts on the home screen.

How does SmartNews hold up against the competition?

In a world where media has consumed everyone, trusted news apps keep you on the wave of the latest trends and developments. Much like the larger news aggregators (Google News and Apple News), SmartNews brings you an updated feed with relevant information.

However, this mobile app has two standout features that set it apart from the competition. First of all, its biggest perk is the advanced machine-learning code-base. SmartNews Inc. considers itself a tech company more than a news corporation.

While another competitor, Flipboard, maybe the most aesthetic of the available daily news aggregators, SmartNews is more practical. It has a sleek, swipe-and-read interface for an easy shift between topics.

Free and controversial

Being free comes with a tradeoff for SmartNews users. Inline ads are how the app makes money. However, being a tech unicorn, the application has pushed through several successful funding rounds.

While customers report that the company leans towards the 'liberal agenda,' the corporation has denied the accusations, saying that many conservative publications are available in the application.

Our take

SmartNews has improved over the years. Compared to the Android version, the iPhone application doesn’t have bugs that would spoil your experience. What’s more important, the developers are attentive to feature requests. They work directly with users to improve the overall experience with frequent updates.

Should you download it?

Yes. Consider downloading this free mobile app to your iOS device if you like local news coverage programs that improve and grow over time.


  • Free application to curate your daily news
  • Powerful algorithm
  • Helps stay on top of local breaking news
  • Option to choose the news sources


  • Dispute over the app being 'left-leaning'

Program available in other languages

SmartNewsfor iOS


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