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Free massively multiplayer obstacle royale

Run Guys: Knockout Royale is a free-to-play Android battle royale game where 60 players race to the finishing line of obstacle courses. You can edit your character's appearance with items earned through playing. The gameplay uses physics to create challenges on the colorful maps you'll encounter.

Obstacle course royale

The title quickly draws you in with the various vibrant obstacles and cartoonish course design that is whimsical yet challenging. The gameplay is fun and simple; run, jump, and push your way to the finish line while avoiding elimination. Due to the chaos of the game, every match is random and challenging.

There are many obstacle courses and challenges to overcome, with more added as the game updates. 


All of the challenges you encounter use the game's physics engine to create chaos with other plays. As you jump onto a see-saw, another play may as well and tip it. You can easily be knocked off of platforms by other participants or moving obstacles.

Customizable characters

As you complete levels and win matches, you'll unlock costumes and accessories that you can equip to your character. You'll encounter players dressed as hotdogs, birds, or dinosaurs as you play and compete in matches. You can choose your outfit through a selection wheel and equip up to six accessories at a time.

Massive matches

Every round you play has up to 60 colorful players running around and bashing into you. The high participant count causes extreme chaos as you scramble to stay in the game and avoid elimination. The game is fun to play with your friends but won't leave you feeling lonely if you play alone.


Sadly, as fun as the game is, it quickly turns repetitive as there are no variations within the levels. Once you've experienced a map, you know how to play through it every time after that. Additionally, players with a Run Guys: Knockout Royale mod apk can ruin the game entirely by hacking it.

Our take

Much like Fall Guys, the PC game that inspired this title, the maps quickly become repetitive and unenjoyable. If you dislike this application, you can try an alternative app such as Party Royale: Guys do not fall! 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're looking for a simple yet fun game to play with friends or alone, this title is a great pick.


  • Fun casual gameplay
  • Unlock and collect new outfits
  • Sixty-player matches


  • Repetitive gameplay

Run Guys: Knockout Royalefor Android


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