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Manage your geospatial information for free

QGIS stands for quantum geographic information system. It’s a free and open source software. Use it to map and better understand your geospatial data.

Quantum GIS

QGIS can be used in a number of industries. It is versatile and has been used by governments to map voter demographic data and for town planning.

With QGIS you can store, manage, view and manipulate your geospatial data.

QGIS can be used in a number of industries. It is versatile and has been used by governments to map voter demographic data and for town planning. QGIS can be used in geomatics or business. Use it to decide whether a location is a good fit for your business, among other possible uses.

QGIS has an in built plugin manager which allows you to download and install plugins directly, they add functions which make your work easier. Plugins are created independently by developers and organizations, so make sure you choose the right plugin for your work.

GEarthView plugin connects QGIS to Google Earth. Qgis2leaf lets you translate your work as a Leaflet web map.

Online Routing Mapper does just that, it calculates routes with start and stop points. Qgis2threejs can be used for 3D map information. Quick Finder is a popular search plugin, use web services to search for information online.

With QGIS Cloud you can publish your maps online. A published map is available for everyone, anyone can view and change it free of charge.

QGIS private cloud is a secure service for your private maps, where you have complete control of your data.

For a free tool, QGIS is continuously evolving. It has a large community of contributors, allowing for a growth in the volume and quality of its plugins. It also has a faster processing time than some of its paid competitors. QGIS is at the forefront of GIS technology.

Where can you run this program?

Run QGIS on MacOS, Windows, Linux and Android.

Is there a better alternative?

QGIS is our top pick for free software. You can also check out MapBox, uDig and especially ArcGIS. Some paid software can rival QGIS, but try QGIS first.

Our take

QGIS is great for commercial or private use. It has a large range of quality plugins available, for the functions you need. It’s free to use. 

Should you download it?

Yes, without a doubt. QGIS is always progressing. If you are looking for solid GIS software, look no further.


  • Available on desktop or Android
  • It’s free
  • Trusted software


  • Less developed than some paid software
  • Difficult interface to navigate
  • Plugins needed to get full functionality

Quantum GISfor Windows


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