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A free navigation app

Petal Maps is a free alternative to Google Maps created for Huawei mobile devices as they can’t use Google services. The applications are mostly the same, except with a few minor differences. The largest one of these is the lack of options for directions.


Petal Maps has an extremely well-made interface that you can quickly navigate and read. The directions list includes a menu of all transport options and the estimated travel time. Viewing locations will show details about the store or service and pictures related to their website.

Having all this information at the ready is a great feature. You can quickly make your decisions without needlessly typing while driving. Searching for a location is extremely simple as the tool is always on your screen.


Petal Maps respects your privacy in a way that many alternatives don’t. The app fully complies with any local laws you have regarding your information to keep you safe. All of your data is locally encrypted with end-to-end encryption and other standard security measures. 

However, due to the concerns around Huawei, this aspect isn’t entirely reassuring.


While driving, you can see your device’s screen give you turn-by-turn directions. It lets you quickly find the best route to your location without confusing readjustments to your current course. Additionally, you can move the map around and get a 3D view of the surrounding area.

Lacks features

Sadly, the Petal Maps application lacks a few features when compared to Google Maps. Currently, you can only choose directions for public transport and cars. The lack of an ability to walk, among other features, makes the application fail to stand out.

Our take

Petal Maps is a great application but is outshined by Google Maps, which offers more features. The app will direct you to any destination without issue, but its lack of alternative transport is a concern if you don’t have a car. This application is the best choice to use if you’re using a Huawei mobile device.

Should you download it?

No. You shouldn’t download for Android devices, as it was initially designed for Huawei’s Android-based operating system. The alternatives are still better.


  • Great interface
  • Private


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