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Made for people to find and explore their inner creativity, Paintbrush is a simple and easy-to-use program for Mac. It’s a versatile tool to create a basic illustration for anyone who isn't looking to edit or design a complex and intricate work of art. With a range of tools, colors, and basic features, the program will have you bringing out your inner Dali in no time.

Getting back to the basics

Doodling is easier than ever with Paintbrush, a program you can use to unleash your inner artist.

Paintbrush brings the simplicity of the popular Microsoft Paint program to Mac computers. For those who are familiar with the principles of Microsoft Paint, learning to use this software is quite a simple process. It’s optimized for quick doodles.

Much like the original Microsoft Paint program, Paintbrush offers users a very simple and basic drawing program with features such as cropping, adding texts to images, and drawing with different colors and textures. Even with limited tools for drawing, creating shapes, and simple edits, the software is useful for anyone looking to create moderate pieces.

While it won’t be able to perform the complex tasks that programs, such as Photoshop, can, it’s the sort of program that can get quick edits done on the fly. The benefit of having such a simple and straightforward tool, is that there are no complicated steps that make using the program hard. Paintbrush is easy to use for both beginners and professionals.

Another great feature that the program offers is the integration of other files, giving users the ability to draw on top of them. The app is great for highlighting and manipulating imported images. The smooth and easy-to-navigate program offers a chance to dive into the basics of drawing.

Additionally, it can open images and save them in different formats. These include BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF. This gives the software an all-rounded use, making it perfect for anyone looking to import or export files.

The fact that the tools have been made to float around the screen and provide the option to move them around, detached from anything, is a great bonus. Even when opening additional editing tools, such as the color palette, it opens to a separate and new box that is not connected to your blank canvas. This feature gives you the flexibility to move the windows and place them where it suits you most. A customizable interface is always helpful for artists.

The simplicity and basic features that the app offers are both a benefit, and a limiting quality, of the program. For children, and anyone who is looking for a very easy and plain program, the program provides just enough tools for doodles and quick edits. But, for anyone looking to create more complex drawings or edits, it lacks features and tools.

As for its tools, the program offers users the chance to play with a variety of different brushes and colors. Cropping and resizing are made easy with the intuitive selection tool which allows for more accurate precision with files. This feature also makes it easy to remove or replace the backgrounds of images.

A major drawback with the program is the difficulty of drawing with a mouse or trackpad. Given that it is all drawn freehand, there is quite a learning curve to the program if you are looking to draw anything beyond the basics. Additionally, the program does not manage curves well, meaning users might have to give it multiple attempts to get it right.

A great addition to the program would be the option of adding layers, much like Photoshop, for more accuracy if you are looking to create a more detailed piece. Without this, users don’t have much room for error and will often have to erase the entire piece, where layers would offer a way to reverse any serious mistakes.

Where can you run this program?

This program is available on Mac operating systems and requires an OS x 10.10.0 operating system. The total file size is 4.45 MB.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. While the program provides users with the basic tools for drawing and editing, there are better alternatives available that provide the same tools and more. Bringing together the simplicity of Paintbrush and the need for a more complex program that comes with more features and tools, Pixelator is by far the better alternative. It is an enhanced version of Paintbrush, bringing with it all the same tools, yet it also provides users with additional features such as the sponge, warp, and blur tools.

Our take

Growing up, simple drawing programs like Paintbrush were a good way to get those creative juices flowing and always a bit of fun. However, as we grow older, our needs from drawing and editing programs become more complex, and Paintbrush doesn’t meet them. Trying to draw freehand with a mouse or trackpad is very complicated for most people and makes for very child-like drawings. Yet, it must be said, if a basic drawing tool is what you are after, this program is ideal for you. It covers all your basic needs, and gives you room for creativity, without a steep learning curve.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you or your kids are looking for a basic drawing tool, Paintbrush for Mac is ideal. While it won’t provide a broad spectrum of editing and drawing options, it does give you the basic tools needed for a simple doodle and the option to import and export files along with it. It’s great for quick sketches, crops, and is just enough for fun art projects.


  • Simple to use
  • Supports different file formats
  • Tools aren’t connected to the canvas


  • Hard to draw with a mouse
  • Very basic
  • Doesn’t manage curves well

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Paintbrushfor Mac


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