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Kipas Guys: One of the best Stumble Guys mods

Kipas Guys is a fun game mode that's been added to the "Stumble Guys" game, making it even more fun. It is a game mode where many players try to outdo each other in crazy challenges while looking funny and trying not to fall. The game is packed with new features that makes it special, like playing with your friends in private games, dressing up your character in all sorts of outfits, and messing with the game's rules to make things like jumping and running even wilder on Android devices.

Best Kipas Guys features

Kipas Guys has some really neat features that make the game super fun:

  • Play With Friends: You can set up games just for you and your mates, which makes it a blast.
  • Make Your Character Your Own: There's loads of clothes and accessories to choose from so you can make your character look just the way you want.
  • Fun Game Physics: You can tweak the game to jump higher or run faster, making each game a new adventure.
  • Non-stop Action Across Different Maps: You can line up a bunch of different maps to play one after the other, so there's never a dull moment.


The game looks a lot like "Stumble Guys" with its bright, cartoon-style graphics that everyone can enjoy. Each level has its own look and music, which keeps things interesting. You might be dodging snowballs in one game and running from monsters in the next!

Kipas Guys really lets you get creative with how the game looks and feels:

  • Dress Up Your Avatar: You've got many options for clothes and colors to ensure your character stands out.
  • Loads of Game Tweaks: The game lets you change many settings so you can play it your way, like picking your own maps or making the game last longer.

How to play Kipas Guys

Starting out in Kipas Guys is easy. First up, you make your character look just how you like. Then, you jump into the game's challenges, trying to beat everyone else and not get knocked out.

  1. Jump into Competitions: All sorts of challenges are waiting for you, from races to obstacle courses. Start easy, then work your way up to the tougher ones.
  2. Learn the Controls: The game's controls are simple – run, jump, and grab. Getting good at these will help you beat the levels and win.
  3. Be Smart and Quick: Winning means thinking fast and being ready for anything the game throws at you.

Kipas Guys is easy to get and play. It's free, and you can download it with just a click. The game runs well on lots of different Android phones and tablets. It gives you all sorts of cool extras like endless coins and gems and ways to move around, making the game even more exciting.


  • Free to play
  • Brings new features to the game


  • Customization options are limited

Program available in other languages

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