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Free and Smart Journaling App

Journal is a free-to-download lifestyle app from Apple that allows users to track and record their daily activities. Positioned as a smart private diary, this app utilizes machine learning to offer personalized writing prompts and suggestions. Often compared to Day One for its features like data syncing and end-to-end encryption, Journal aims to streamline the journaling experience for its users.

Preserve Every Moment

Keeping a diary or journal is a timeless practice that helps individuals revisit their thoughts and cherish memorable moments. Journal leverages artificial intelligence to automatically generate prompts based on user data like contacts, photos, and locations, making it effortless to start documenting your day. The app's user-friendly interface simplifies the journaling process, ensuring a seamless experience. While it prioritizes privacy with end-to-end encryption and locking features, the absence of templated pages might disappoint some users.

Smooth and Well-Designed

Part of Apple's wellness suite alongside Fitness, Sleep, and Breathe, Journal focuses on providing users with a platform to process their thoughts effectively. Backed by research supporting journaling for mental health benefits, this app offers an automated and intuitive design to facilitate diary keeping. With its sleek interface and thoughtful features, Journal can easily become your trusted digital companion.

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Journalfor iOS


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